Atlas Massage Center provides a variety of professional holistic massage therapy services to relieve stress and pain and improve overall wellness. Whether you have never received a professional massage before or you frequently use massage services, our experienced massage therapists will tailor a massage to meet your needs.

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For those looking for a relaxing massage to eliminate stress, improve circulation and ease into relaxation, Swedish massage is the perfect treatment for you. Swedish massage soothes muscles and washes away stress through long, slow movements. Classic Swedish massage uses long meditative strokes to soothe the body and release stress. Swedish Massage stimulates the lymphatic system encouraging the release of toxins, increases circulation and assists healing. Swedish is the best for relaxation and stress reduction.
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1 Hr. $95

1.5 Hr. $125

Deep Tissue

Full body deep tissue massage targets specific areas to promote health and healing by focusing on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the contacted areas, either following or going across the fibers of the muscles, tendons and fascia. Deep tissue is best for reducing chronically tight muscles and for those accustom to frequent massage. Deep tissue massage works deeper into muscle tissue and targets specific areas of tightness and stress. Muscles that give you chronic pain or discomfort are untwisted and unknotted, moving them back into relaxed positions.
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1 Hr. $110

1.5 Hr. $145

Couples Massage

Couples massage allows you to share a unique experience with your loved one. Perfect for anniversary, birthdays or a romantic get away. You and your partner will experience a relaxing massage side by side in the same room performed by two experienced massage therapists. Enjoy the romance, relaxation and togetherness of a couples massage.
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1 Hr. $260 (per couple)

1.5 Hr. $300 (per couple)

Pregnancy Massage

Massage customized for the mother-to-be. We specialize in prenatal massage services to relieve aches and pains during pregnancy. After the first trimester, please let us know how many months along you are so we may prepare the treatment room for you. We have tables that can accommodate your physique no matter how far along you are in the pregnancy.
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1 Hr. $110

1.5 Hr. $145

Sports Massage

If you are suffering from an athletic injury, we  have specialized massage services to relieve specific muscle conditions. Pre and Post event massage to flush lactic build up, enhance performance and speed up recovery. This will also help to relieve aches and pains associated with muscle tightness and stress from physical activity.
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1 Hr. $110

1.5 Hr. $145

Service Add-Ons

Hot Stone $45

Available when combined with 1.5 hour massage, the heat of the warm basalt stones penetrate muscles, melt away muscular tension and inspire a feeling of grounded calm and connection to the earth.

Body Scrub $45

Available when combined with 1.5 hour massage, invigorating full body scrub to exfoliate, smooth skin and increase circulation.

Deep Heat Therapy $20

Moist warm towels relax muscles, therapeutic warm oil soothes the body and mind, healing balm relieves still and aching muscles to enhance healing.

Aromatherapy $20

Natural essential oils of plants, roots and flowers combined with massage promote internal balance. Select a blend based on your personal needs.

Organic Foot Ritual $25

Treatment begins with a foot cleansing using stimulating organic exfoliation to help smooth and soften rough skin. Aromatherapy infused moist towels wrap around the feet to hydrate and penetrate moisture. Complete with a deeply relaxing foot massage that increases circulation and reduces stress promotes a sense of rejuvenation to your whole being.